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Tras un ao se fue a la Roma, donde estuvo otra temporada. En 1983 llegó a la Sampdoria, donde estuvo hasta 1995. Luego pasó un ao en la Juve, otro en el Milan y tres más en la Piacenza, hasta su retirada en 2000. Por dentro lo combinó con la camisa de raso que se puso en el acto con las víctimas del terrorismo el 21 de junio. No sé qué extraa manía tiene Letizia con ponerse chaquetas de traje con camisas o camisetas en pico. Es lo que tiene que hacer, volver a utilizar la ropa del armario y no comprar un modelito para cada ocasion.

Different arrangers suited Sinatra different needs at different stages, but there was an incomparable magic between Sinatra and Riddle. Just as Riddle string arrangements on albums like In the Wee Small Hours or Close to You seem to ebb and flow with Sinatra voice, swelling and retreating as if in conversation, or courtship, so here do Herron steel and Dylan voice dance, complementing each other, dependent upon each other. There is no one without the other and there is seemingly nothing else.

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Except I wasn’t standing on the beach with my toes sinking in the sand. I was in a card store surrounded by people who still had a father to tell them funny stories they’d heard a hundred times before but still made them laugh. People who weren’t like me..

Cuando tenía 22 aos, Marilyn Sherlock perdió la mayor parte de su melena. “Era la época del ‘flower power’ y yo estaba prácticamente calva. Tuve que recurrir incluso a una peluca”, recuerda con amargura. Small tress are still fair game, but Helene Muller Landau, an ecologist with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, says drones could give scientists quicker and easier access to massive new troves of data. For example, ecologists can survey forests much more thoroughly, gathering information about the tree tops and forest canopies that were before only reachable by humans willing to scale the trees. This would be preferred to imagery from a satellite, or from a costly flyover by a traditional aircraft that would lack the pinpoint resolution, or wouldn’t allow for frequent data collection..

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